30 – 45 minutes

Þingvellir (thingvellir) is the most popular national park in Iceland and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It includes a valley that is mentioned in many famous Icelandic sagas and is where one of the oldest parliamentary institutions of the world, the Althing, was founded in the year 930. This is also where tectonic activity can be clearly seen as the continental drift has identified and scarred this area for millions of years. The Þingvellir valley is an older portion of the Mid Atlantic Ridge that is becoming extinct. However, it is still spreading apart at the rate of a quarter-inch per year. This means that the visitor center, perched on the edge of the North American plate with a view of the valley where the Öxará River flows, is moving west, away from the Eurasian plate on the east side of the valley. The valley floor has been dropping by 1.6 inches every century, having dropped a total of 230 feet during the last 100,000 years. Many visitors walk through the smaller Almannagjá rift, that runs along the west edge of the valley, which itself is spreading apart at the faster rate of 0.8 inches per year.

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